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JCL International Company Profile

1Who We Are: JCL International Inc. is a leading Project and Construction Management company providing an International proactive hands-on approach to managing projects. We bring our clients that assurance of delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

2What We Do: For all Projects, the critical requirement is to ascertain the Client’s exact requirements, budgetary parameters and their time constraints. JCL International ensures that its Management Team and support staff know these requirements and work together with the Client to create solutions.

3Our Commitment: By utilizing a proprietary Project Execution Plan (PEP) methodology, JCL International identifies the objectives and requirements of the every project before work is started. This combined with Risk Mitigation Strategy and a detailed Tasking Program ensures costing transparency, budgetary control, project timing and final commissioning are achieved flawlessly.

JCLI Project and Construction Management :: JCLI Project Management and Construction Management Organizational Chart
JCL International Project Management and Construction Management Group

History of JCL International

JCL International was formed in 2002 to specifically bring Project and Construction Management within international standards to the Philippines. Staffed by Architects, Engineers, and Construction Personnel with local and international experience, JCLI have undertaken projects ranging from 100 to over 75,000 square meters for a variety of local and multinational blue-chip companies, and has completed over 420,000 square meters of Industrial, Commercial, and Corporate multi-million dollar projects, including fit-outs.

The JCLI Team is lead by two Senior Partners: John Morgan and Calum Swinnerton provide strategic advice and direction, as well as being the final point of accountability for JCLI delivery. John and Calum monitor off and on-site project activities, and ensure that JCL quality and management standards are maintained in all projects.

They both participate as Senior Managers in any given project and are responsible for the day-to-day management of any project in terms of client liaison as required, and having responsibility for delivery of the project.

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TEL: (632) 890 9788
FAX: (632) 890 9596
EMAIL: info@jcli.com