Energy Management and Audit

JCL International understands the energy requirements of client's operations within the Philippine and Asian markets. Having extensive experience of delivering projects in locations where resource deficiencies equate to high energy costs. Energy management reviews at the design stage can provide the solutions to all the clients' energy issues.

The basis of any energy management is the energy audit.

An Energy Audit includes:

  • Establishment of current energy consumption and efficiency
  • Identification of energy saving options

Detailed feasibility studies are conducted to establish the technical and financial viability of identified energy saving opportunities. This step allows the client to make informed decisive decisions on energy related requirements and issues for both new and existing facilities.

When energy audits are applied, JCL International has adopted a realistic approached. This will allow identification of a nominal 20 percent of viable energy reduction concepts and projects that typically realize 80 percent of the overall savings during a target payback period of 3 years. Marginal cases of 3-5 years are also identified and partially quantified for potential further investigation.

Each energy audit utilizes engineering staff with individual experience in this field in excess of 10 years who identify the annual consumption, and electrical demand where relevant, per item of equipment or device and apply theoretical energy and cost savings where considered realizable, based on their broad experience and recent trends.