Move Management

Move Management is one of JCL International's specialties. A move committee is set up with designated client move coordinators. A Move plain is the first step that carefully documents all the requirements for the end user to relocate.

A Move Plan includes the following:

  • Planning for the weather
  • Move contractor procurement
  • Color Coding Charts
  • move Schedule
  • Logistics on Items Remove
  • Methodology on Existing Equipment

Through this plan all staff is briefed on the new premises and before the actual move full end user briefings are given in respect to the logistics of the move.

Move packs are issued typically containing a map to the new office, security cards, floor plan with the relevant desk marked, information on transport and local shops if the move is from one district to another.

On the day of the move, typically over a weekend, the move co-coordinators will be on-hand to offer assistance as directed by JCL International. The intent of any commercial move is to minimize the disruption to the operations of the company.