Post Project Stage

1. Preparation for Operational Readiness

Once construction for a project has commenced, JCL International will begin to prepare for the handover and operational changeover for the end user.

Pre-planning will be the key to ensure that the changeover occurs with absolute smoothness. Key issues may be equipment to be moved rather than purchased, final occupation approvals from the local authorities, LAN formation and changeover, communications changeover, decommissioning of existing facilities prior to demolition works, staff awareness campaign, training, recruitment, local internal publicity and client awareness.

JCL International is experienced and aware of all the aspects that need to be addressed for this transition.

2. Management Overview

"The end goal for JCL International is to represent value for money"

With a portfolio of projects that have been completed within the timeframe agreed, budget set and to the standard of quality required, JCL International has shown that by achieving the optimum balance between these parameters, value has been added to clients businesses.

In addition, the JCL International management philosophy ensures that works are executed without operational disruption and unnecessary cost, and in a fair manner.