Project Proper

JCL International delivers your project on time, within the given budget, with high quality output and performance. The key is the special emphasis that we put in the following:

1. Schedule and Certainty of Delivery

At JCL International, critical issues that require monitoring and control are first identified after the end users are determined within the Project Execution Plan (PEP. Strict adherence in complying with the set schedule is done to ensure that the projects are finished on time.

This includes:

  • End user requirements and determination
  • Appointment of consultants experienced in work of a similar nature
  • Budget determination and agreement
  • Procurement mode
  • Approval and sign off of proposed design
  • Package determination and long lead schedule
  • Tender and awards of contracts
  • Placement and delivery of long lead items
  • Phase or single completion date for all works
  • Handover and migration of the end users
  • End user requirements and determination

2. Tasking Program and Administrative Contracts

JCL International provides an accurate tasking program which incorporates design period, tender stage for consultants and contractors, procurement activities, construction schedule, migration activities and final project close out. Project durations and key milestones dates are critical to the project timescale entered into the program, providing the template for timely project delivery.

JCL International has also developed an established set of controls to ensure that the lines of communication are established and adhered to. In addition, a full monitoring system will be established and agreed between all parties along with full demarcation of all roles and responsibil ities. A full on site representation throughout the construction period will be provided to ensure best practice, safety, and adherence to design intent.

3. Buildability Reviews

"Being there on site is different from standing in a design room - you need the processes in place to communicate why design changes are needed - JCL International puts those processes in place"

To avoid unnecessary risk to achieve cost, quality and time objectives, it is essential to ensure that the design is integrated with current construction techniques, safety laws and practices.

JCL International will not let a design progress without consideration to economic design. This must be achieved without comprising structural integrity or aesthetics as that usually leads to either abortive design or unnecessary design change, and in the worse case delays to the construction activities on site.

4. Consistency

As part of JCL International's review of the project and the formation of the PEP, a contingency allowance is made along with a Risk Analysis. The issues initially identified as most likely to cause delay are

  • Inclement weather
  • Delivery of sourced materials imported from overseas
  • Last minute design changes
  • Installation of critical equipment to permit early testing and commissioning

5. Cost Control and Change Order Control

JCL International operated an established change control system. A full change order control/implement procedure, with full owner authorization, is included in all cost reports before changes are implemented.

JCL International cost control system has been proven to work in different project scenarios. This acts in conjunction with our ISO conformance set of project controls and quality procedures that enable all aspects of a project to be reported with full transparency.

When implementing a change JCL International ensures that the client makes decisions only when fully informed of the design, cost, function and program implications. Each and every change will be supported by sufficient information to enable the client to make considered decisions. Our management process and systems prevent decisions being made without applying the appropriate checks and balances before a supplier and contractor commitment is made.